Bank Related Status Code

Parameter Type Description
402 CREDENTIALS_LOCKED The client account is locked.
423 BANK_NAME_NOT_FOUND The target bank name was not found.
424 BANK_CODE_NOT_FOUND The target bank code was not found.
425 BANK_BRANCH_NOT_FOUND The target bank branch was not found.
426 BENEFICIARY_DOCUMENT_INVALID The target beneficiary document is invalid, such as wrong CPF.
427 BENEFICIARY_NAME_MISMATCH The target beneficiary name doesn't match the target account holder's name.
428 ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND The target account was not found.
429 ACCOUNT_INVALID The target account is invalid, mostly due to wrong format.
430 ACCOUNT_LOCKED The target account is locked, couldn't be used now.
431 PIX_KEY_INVALID The PIX Key provided is invalid, Brazil only.
432 PAYER_DOCUMENT_INVALID The Payer document is invalid.
441 PAYMENT_REQUEST_NOT_FOUND The transaction Id is invalid.
442 TRANSACTION_ALREADY_EXISTS The idempodency key provided is used before.
443 TRANSACTION_PENDING This transaction is pending for manually review.
450 INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS The source account is out of balance.
451 EACH_PAYMENT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The payment amount is reached the payment limit.
452 DAILY_PAYMENT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The total daily payment amount is reached the daily payment limit.
453 MONTHLY_PAYMENT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The total monthly payment amount is reached the daily payment limit.
454 YEARLY_PAYMENT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The total yearly payment amount is reached the daily payment limit.
455 AMOUNT_TOO_SMALL The payment amount is too small to be accepted.
460 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT The payment gateway connection time out.
461 GATEWAY_ERROR The payment gateway had a problem.
462 PAYMENT_OPERATION_TIMEOUT The payment operation had a time out issue.
463 PAYMENT_OPERATION_CANCELLED The payment transaction was cancelled.
464 PAYMENT_REJECTED_BY_BANK The payment transaction was rejected by bank.
470 ACCOUNTING_BILL_DAY_INVALID The date is invalid.
471 ACCOUNTING_BILL_NOT_COME_OUT The bill according to date has not come out.
472 BALANCE_UNAVAILABLE Balance unavailable.
480 INVALID_SKU The SKU provided is invalid and was not found in the system.
481 INVALID_TOPUP_PHONE_NUMBER Carrier does not support the phone number.
482 INVALID_UTILITY_REFERENCE_NUMBER Carrier does not support the reference number.
483 INVALID_AMOUNT The payment amount does not match the corresponding reference number.
1001 VENDOR_REJECT_NEED_FAILOVER An error happened but can failover.
1002 ACCOUNT_TYPE_MISMATCH The payment is rejected because account type not correct.
1003 VENDOR_OUTAGE The vendor is in short outage.
1004 RECEIPIENT_PSP_OUTAGE The target bank is in outage.
1005 RISK_ANALYSIS_FAILED The transaction failed risk analysis.
1010 GIFT_CARD_OUT_OF_STOCK The GiftCard is out of stock at this moment.
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