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Retrieve a Payout

Check Payout Status

Check the status of a payout by idempotencyKey.


GET /v1/payments/payouts/key/{{idempotencyKey}}

Request Headers
    "Authorization": "Bearer {{access_token}}",
    "x-api-key": "{{api_key}}"
Content-Type: application/json
    "statusCode": 200,
    "errorMsg": "",
    "idempotencyKey": "TEST20220829100",
    "referenceNumber": "6012968",
    "targetName": "usera lastname",
    "targetDocument": "24988323888",
    "targetBankName": "ARCUS",
    "targetBankCode": "706",
    "targetBankBranchId": "123456789",
    "targetBankAccountId": "706180005047305123",
    "amount": "100.00",
    "amountInCents": 10000,
    "currency": "USD",
    "paidAmount": 196978,
    "paidCurrency": "MXN",
    "exchangeRate": 19.6978,
    "paidTax": 0,
    "createTime": "2022-08-29 01:02:06 GMT-07:00",
    "finalStatusTime": "2022-08-29 01:02:20 GMT-07:00",
    "transferStatus": "IN_PROGRESS",
    "transferStatusCode": 200,
    "transferErrorMsg": "",
    "subMerchantId": "UUID"

HTTP Headers Details

Key Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization "bearer" + " " + {{access_token}}
x-api-key {{api_key}}

PATH and Query Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
idempotencyKey String The idempotency key of the transaction

Response Body Details

Parameter Type Description
statusCode Integer 200 Success, 401 Access denied, 422 Required fields missing or invalid data, 500 internal error
errorMsg String error message if failed
idempotencyKey String Unique key to ensure idempotent requests
referenceNumber String Reference number for the payment
targetName String Target account holder full name or account holder first name if targetLastName has been set.
targetDocument String Optional. Target account holder identity
targetBankName String Optional. Target bank name
targetBankCode String Optional. Target bank code
targetBankBranchId String Optional. Target bank branch id
targetBankAccountId String Target bank account id. For SPEI, CLABEL number
amount String DEPRECATED. The transfer amount. note: 1 = 1MXN. Please use amountInCents instead
amountInCents Long The transfer amount. note: 100 = 1MXN/1USD
currency String The currency code of the transferred fund. enum value as MXN, USD
paidAmount Long Null if input currency was MXN. The amount that beneficiary get paid in paidCurrency
paidCurrency String Null if input currency was MXN. The currency used to paid for beneficiary, MXN
exchangeRate Double Null if input currency was MXN. Exchange rate for payment if currency was not MXN
paidTax Long Null if input currency was MXN. Transfer fee for currency conversion
createTime Time payment record create time
finalStatusTime Time Transfer final status update time, final status include SETTLED, FAILED and REJECTED
transferStatus String Transfer status, SETTLED, IN_PROGRESS, FAILED and REJECTED, We should use transferStatus to judge the payment status
transferStatusCode Integer Transfer status code, TransferErrorCode
transferErrorMsg String Transfer error message if failed
subMerchantId String The sub merchant ID
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