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Retrieve a Refund

HTTP Request

GET /v1/payments/charges/refund/{{idempotencyKey}}

Request Headers
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "Authorization": "Bearer {{access_token}}",
    "x-api-key": "{{api_key}}"
    "transferStatusCode": 200,
    "transferErrorMsg": null,
    "idempotencyKey": "1ec983fa-1c37-679b-809b-067861d8700019",
    "referenceId": "1ec983fa-1c37-679b-809b-067861d8700020",
    "paymentMethod": "MACH",
    "amount": 1000,
    "currency": "CLP",
    "country": "CL",
    "finalAmount": 1000,
    "finalCurrency": "CLP",
    "createTime": "2022-03-01 21:18:56 GMT-08:00",
    "scheduledTime": "2022-03-01 21:18:56 GMT-08:00",
    "finalStatusTime": "2022-03-01 21:18:58 GMT-08:00",
    "payer": {
        "name": "username",
        "email": "",
        "document": {
            "documentId": "530315550",
            "type": "RUT"
        "phone": "+56 234567890"
    "transferStatus": "SETTLED",
    "description": "refund test",
    "callbackUrl": ""
HTTP Headers Details
Key Value
Authorization "bearer" + " " + {{access_token}}
x-api-key {{api_key}}
Path and Query Parameters
Parameter Type Description
idempotencyKey String The idempotency key of the refund
Response Body Details
Parameter Type Description
idempotencyKey String Unique key of refund record.
referenceId String Unique key of payment record which refunded.
amount Long The refund amount
country String country code
currency String The currency of the transferred fund
finalAmount Long The final amount that is used for creating the charge order. EX: for charge orders with FX conversion, this field represents the converted amount from the original requested amount.
finalCurrency String The currency code of the finalAmount.
createTime String The creation time of refund request
payer JSON payer info
scheduledTime String Transfer ticket scheduled time
finalStatusTime String The settled or failed time of refund transaction
transferStatus String Transfer status, SETTLED, IN_PROGRESS, FAILED
transferStatusCode Integer Transfer status code, 200 transaction SETTLED or IN_PROGRESS or FAILED
transferErrorMsg String Transfer error message if failed

Object Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
name String fullname(Input specification: Only a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and spaces is allowed. Spanish and Portuguese letters, and other special characters are not allowed).
document JSON Wallet holder identity proof, such as RUT for CL.
phone String Mobile phone number. Should include “+56” as a prefix.
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