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Cancel a Payment

Cancel payments with the supported listed paymentMethod and transferStatus.

Country paymentMethod transferStatus

HTTP Request

POST /v1/payments/charges/cancel/{{idempotencyKey}}

Request Headers
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "Authorization": "Bearer {{access_token}}",
    "x-api-key": "{{api_key}}"
Content-Type: application/json
    "transferStatusCode": 200,
    "idempotencyKey": "2583995e-b2e8-49d3-b2d6-ce2e98744e8b",
    "referenceId": "2583995e-b2e8-49d3-b2d6-ce2e98744e8b",
    "paymentFlow": "DIRECT",
    "paymentMethod": "PAY_CASH",
    "amount": 50000,
    "currency": "COP",
    "finalAmount": 50000,
    "finalCurrency": "COP",
    "country": "CO",
    "createTime": "2023-10-20 07:16:23 UTC",
    "scheduledTime": "2023-10-20 07:16:24 UTC",
    "finalStatusTime": "2023-10-20 07:17:14 UTC",
    "payer": {
        "name": "username",
        "email": "",
        "billingAddress": {
            "street": "Simón Bolívar",
            "number": "12121",
            "city": "Álamos",
            "state": "CDMX",
            "zipCode": "03400"
    "transferStatus": "CANCELLED",
    "description": "this is a test pay",
    "callbackUrl": "",
    "transferDetails": {
        "payCash": {
            "referenceNumber": "2701697786183666",
            "expirationDate": "2023-11-30",
            "recurring": false
    "subMerchantId": "UUID"

HTTP Headers Details

Key Value
Authorization "bearer" + " " + {{access_token}}
x-api-key {{api_key}}

PATH and Query Parameters

Parameter Type Description
idempotencyKey String The idempotency key of the payment which need to cancel

Response Body Details

Parameter Type Description
transferStatusCode Integer Transfer status code, 200 if CANCELLED.
idempotencyKey String Unique key of payment record.
referenceId String Unique key of payment record which cancelled. current scene referenceId is equal idempotencyKey
paymentMethod String Payment method.
amount Long The payment amount. The minimum settlement granularity of the current currency, such as 100=1COP
currency String The currency of the transferred fund
finalAmount Long The final amount that is used for creating the charge order. EX: for charge orders with FX conversion, this field represents the converted amount from the original requested amount.
finalCurrency String The currency code of the finalAmount.
country String Country code
createTime String Payment ticket created time.
scheduledTime String Transfer ticket scheduled time
finalStatusTime String Transfer final status update time.
payer JSON Payer info
transferStatus String Transfer status, should be CANCELLED if success.
description String description of payment
callbackUrl String URL where Liquido will send notifications associated to changes to this payment. will receive a post request.
transferDetails JSON Transaction details info
subMerchantId String The sub merchant ID.
transferErrorMsg String Transfer error message if failed.

Object Parameters

Parameter Type Description
name String Full name.
email String email.
phone String Mobile Phone number.
document JSON Wallet holder identity proof.
billingAddress JSON Billing address info.
Parameter Type Description
documentId String document number.
type String document type.
Parameter Type Description
zipCode String zip code.
state String state.
city String city name.
district String district name.
street String street name.
number String street number.
complement String complement info.
country String country code.
Parameter Type Description
payCash JSON The payCash details
Parameter Type Description
referenceNumber String The payer uses this number to pay for the transaction
expirationDate String Expire date in Mexico time,format "yyyy-MM-dd"
recurring Boolean Multiple times to pay or single

Transfer Status

Parameter Description
IN_PROGRESS The transaction of this method has started, but no transactions have been processed yet.
SETTLED The funds of the transaction of this payment have been transferred to the store.
EXPIRED The transaction of this payment has been expired.
CANCELLED The transaction of this payment has been cancelled.
FAILED There was an error while processing the transaction of this payment. This status is followed by a message with more details about the error.

Agreement Codes

Offline Collection Points Agreement Code
Efecty 112766
Refacil Don't need an agreement code.
Acciones y valores Don't need an agreement code.
Banco de Bogotá Don't need an agreement code.
APUESTAS NACIONALES (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
BEMOVIL (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
CB CLARO (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
COMERCIAL CARD (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
CONSUERTE (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
COOPENESA (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
EDEQ (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
FULLCARGA (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
JER (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
MAFEPHONE (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
MAXI SERVICIOS (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
MOVIL RED (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
PEQUEÑAS SUPERFICIES CREDIBANCO (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
PEQUEÑAS SUPERFICIES REDEBAN (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
PRACTISISTEMAS (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
PUNTO DE PAGO (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
PUNTORED (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
SEAPTO (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
SU CHANCE (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
SUPERPAGOS (Corresponsal Banco de Bogotá) 22506
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