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Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer Payment

Create a Bank Transfer payment

HTTP Request

POST /v1/payments/payouts/transfer

Request Headers
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "Authorization": "Bearer {{access_token}}",
    "x-api-key": "{{api_key}}"
Request Body
    "idempotencyKey": "idempotency-key",
    "country": "CL",
    "targetName": "Test Name",
    "targetEmail": "",
    "targetDocument": "0000000",
    "targetDocumentType": "RUT",
    "targetBankCode": "0001",
    "targetBankAccountId": "12312312312",
    "targetBankAccountType": "CHECKING",
    "amountInCents": 100000,
    "currency": "CLP",
    "comment": "description"


Content-Type: application/json
    "statusCode": 200,
    "errorMsg": "",
    "transactionId": "",
    "transferStatus": "IN_PROGRESS",
    "transferStatusCode": 200,
    "transferErrorMsg": ""

HTTP Headers Details

Key Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization "bearer"+ "" + {{access_token}}
x-api-key {{api_key}}

Request Body Details

Parameter Required Type Description
idempotencyKey String Unique key to ensure idempotent requests.
country String country code. CL
targetName String Target account holder full name.
targetEmail String Target account holder email.
targetDocument String Target account holder identity.
targetDocumentType String Target account holder identity type. RUT
targetBankCode String Target Bank Code.
targetBankAccountId String Target Bank Account Id.
targetBankAccountType String Target bank account type. CHECKING, SAVINGS, RUT
amountInCents Long The transfer amount. note: 100 = 1CLP, minimum 100000
currency String The currency code of the transferred fund. CLP
comment String Description of payment.

Response Body Details

Parameter Type Description
statusCode int 200 Success, 401 Access denied, 422 Required fields missing or invalid data, 500 internal error
errorMsg String error message if failed
transactionId String The transaction ID
transferStatus String Transfer status, SETTLED, IN_PROGRESS, FAILED or REJECTED. We should use transferStatus to judge the payment status
transferStatusCode int Transfer status code, TransferErrorCode
transferErrorMsg String Transfer error message if failed
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