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The Liquido Payment Connector is called "liquido" (all in lower case) in the Vtex environment, currently the following payment methods are supported:

Country Payment Methods
BR Credit Card, Pix, Boleto
MX Credit Card*
COL Credit Card*


Currently, the Vtex connector doesn't support installments with interest rates for Credit Card purchases.


For Credit Card transactions in Mexico, there are some limitations, such as installment number and minimum amount per installment:

Number of installments allowed Minimum order amount (MXN)
3 300
6 600
9 900
12 1200


First of all, sign in to your VTEX account and access the tab "Settings (Gear Icon) - Payments - Settings - Gateway Affiliations".

You will see the screen below:


Click on the add button and the following screen will be displayed:


Search for the connector named "liquido" (Hint: Use the CTRL + F shortcut, as there is no search field):


Once you find it, click on it, so this screen will appear:



Now, the next step is to fill out the form below with your Liquido credentials. Configure your credentials like the following:


Application Key: your Liquido API Key;

Application Token: your Liquido Client Secret;

Client ID: your Liquido Client Id.


If you shift from Live/Production mode to Test mode, fill out the form with your test credentials (and vice versa).

Payment Methods

Now, you must associate every payment method that you want with the Liquido Payment Connector.

So access the "Payment Conditions" tab (and click on the add button to add a payment method if you didn't do this before) to associate each payment method with the "liquido" connector.


For example, searching for the Pix payment method:


The screenshot below shows how to configure the Pix payment method to be processed using "liquido", name the payment method in "Condition name" and look for "liquido" in the "Process with affiliation" dropdown:


Click on the Save button after filling out the fields.

After all these configurations, you will be able to see your checkout page displaying all the payment methods that you added, like the screenshot below:


For more details about configuring other payment methods, follow the Vtex official documentation "Configuring payment conditions"

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