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Create your own payment flows with prebuilt UI components

Liquido Elements is a set of prebuilt UI components for building your web payment flow. It’s available as a feature of element.js, our foundational JavaScript library for building payment flows. In order to be eligible for the easiest level of PCI compliance – SAQ A – certain payment fields on the checkout page must be hosted securely. This requires you to host the information on an external payment gateway's domain and present the fields to your users in an iframe or with a redirect. Liquido Elements tokenizes sensitive payment details within an iframe without ever having them touch your server.

Elements other features include:

  • Automatic input formatting as customers type
  • Complete UI translations to match your customer’s preferred language
  • Responsive design to fit seamlessly on any screen size
  • Custom styling rules so you can match the look and feel of your site

iframe1 iframe1

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