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Query Wallet Statement

Query Wallet Statement

Retrieve all wallet's transactions, such as purchases, transfers, credits and others.

HTTP Request

GET /wallets/{{walletId}}/statement

Request Headers
    "Authorization": "Bearer {{access_token}}"
Content-Type: application/json
    "errorMsg": "",
    "statement": [
            "creditDate": "2020-09-30",
            "description": "TRANSF P/OUTRA CONTA",
            "amount": 20.00,
            "transactionId": "67bdf90c-224d-11eb-adc1-0242ac120002",
            "comment": "",
            "entryTime": "2020-10-01T00:01:16",
            "type": "D"
            "creditDate": "2020-10-29",
            "description": "COMPRA COM CARTAO",
            "amount": 10.00,
            "transactionId": "0227bafa-224e-11eb-adc1-0242ac120002",
            "comment": "SAO PAULO BR",
            "entryTime": "2020-10-29T05:52:56",
            "type": "C"

HTTP Headers Details

Key Value
Authorization "bearer"+ "" + {{access_token}}

PATH and Query Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
walletId String The walletId which was returned by API createWallet
startDate String Initial date for statement query, YYYY-MM-DD
endDate String Final date for statement query, YYYY-MM-DD

Response Body Response

Parameter Type Description
statusCode Integer 200 Success, 401 Access denied, 422 Required fields missing or invalid data, 500 internal error
errorMsg String error message if failed
statement JSON JSON Array for statement, please see below for detail
JSON Field Type Description
creditDate String Credit Date
description String Operation description
amount Float Operation amount
transactionId String Transaction code
comment String Operation comment
entryTime String Operation entry time
type String Statement type, C = Credit, D = Debit, S = Balance
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